About Glenwood


Established in 2004, Glenwood is a yard based in the heart of Kyalami horse country. Even though our horses are athletes we allow them time to ‘just be horses’ so that they are refreshed and ready to enjoy their work.

The Barn

Glenwood boasts a beautiful American-style barn which has 24 roomy stables, designed with the big Warmblood horse in mind. Each stable has a window, which encourages sociability amongst the horses and gives exceptional ventilation without being draughty. Large sliding doors give access at each end of the barn and remain open in fine weather for ventilation, they are closed in inclement weather for the protection and safety of our horses.

Tack Room

A fully alarmed and secure tack room is available for your ease of access and peace of mind. Tack is cleaned daily after you’ve ridden to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

Horse Care

Horses are fed 3 meals a day, and ad-lib eragrostis is fed in the stables and in the paddock. A variety of concentrate rations are offered to suit even the most sensitive equine stomach, and we also adjust food for varying energy, temperament and training requirements.

Each horse has an individual paddock with shade in the form of a shelter or trees. Paddocks are continuously rotated and re grassed to give horses some grazing.

Grooms are allocated to horses to ensure a solid understanding of their individual needs. Our experienced grooms handle grooming, handling and tacking up for you. Arrangements can be made for lunging if you don’t have time to ride, or Andrea can school your horse for you.

Our horses see the farrier every 5 weeks, are dewormed 4 times a year, teeth are checked every 6 months and all vaccinations are arranged by management.

Full show preparation and trucking is available for shows. Our grooms have also been professionally trained in clipping and they clip the competition horses for winter, at the owner’s request.

About Andrea Harrison


Andrea Harrison Buchmann is the resident coach at Glenwood Stables. She’s also one of South Africa’s top riders – in 2018 she ranked in the top 3 in South Africa with four of her rides!

Andy (as we know her) started out as a showjumper but soon heeded the siren call of the dressage arena. She trained with Johnny Hilberath in Germany, where she inherited his passion for dressage and his philosophy of bringing out the best in each horse, using classical principals, a focus on correct basics and good, sound horsemanship.

Andy is a sensitive trainer who has the ability to get “inside” your horse’s head and bring out the best in them. More than that, she also understands how best to motivate each rider that she works with, whether they’ve only been riding for a little while, or whether they are more advanced. Because she regularly takes part in clinics with international riders, all her pupils and her horses benefit from her up-to-date knowledge and experience.

International coaching is another feather in Andy’s cap. She coaches regularly in Botswana, and hosts and coaches these riders when they come to South Africa to campaign here.

Andy has brought on many young horses using her trademark sympathetic and correct approach, and many of them have gone on to the highest levels of the sport.

Our Fantastic Team

Without this incredible team of people, we'd be nowhere!

Daniel Daniel Baloyi Helly Danger Robert Rikhotso
Andy Helly Rikhotso Andy Irene Rikhotso
Andy Vongani Mabunda Andy December Zitha
Andy Mandla Mpala Andy Washington
Andy Jackson Andy Martha

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful for the help and support of our valued sponsors.

To enquire about sponsorship opportunities for any of our riders please contact Andy on 072 249 0756.

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